Tips for your new Magic Key

by Brittany Perez on October 6th

So you’ve decided to get a Key? Congrats! Now what? I’ve put together an easy to read article to help make sure you get the most out of your new Key.

Make sure you have a Disneyland account and that your Key is connected to it. This is a great way to ensure you receive emails from Disneyland regarding anything happening at the parks. 

Also be sure to follow the Official Magic Key Holders Facebook and Twitter accounts.

There is no physical card or key. It is all digital now. If you’d like a print out of your key barcode you may request one at the ticket booth for $20.

Monthly payments are available to Southern California Residents. Please be sure you are signed in to your Disneyland account when purchasing, otherwise you will not be offered this option.

Your key expiration date will be a year from when you first activate your key. This means when you first scan it to enter the park. 

All keys are park hoppers. This means, even though it says one park all day, you will be able to hop to the other park after 1pm. After that time you can also go back and forth between parks, pending park capacity.

Reservations availability are different for each key so be sure to check the availability calendar. Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance and the number of reservations you are able to make depend on the key you purchase. Once you have entered the park you are able to make another reservation. (For example: you are allowed to hold 6 reservations at a time, once you enter the park you now are only holding 5 reservations and can make another) 

General Admission tickets also have their own availability calendar as well and they are able to make reservations 120 days in advance.  


  • Reservations must be cancelled by midnight the night before your park visit. Otherwise you will be considered a no show. 
  • If there is a day you would like to visit but it shows that it is full, keep checking, especially the night before for cancellations or if more reservations are released.
  • Mobile order and walk up are available for your food purchases.
  • Dining reservations are released at random, there is no set time anymore so you must keep checking if you want to get a certain date. 
  • Trams are not in use for the Mickey and Friends lot. If walking is an issue, Toy Story parking lot has their buses running at this time. 
  • Masks must be worn indoors only. You do not need a negative Covid test or Vaccination proof at this time.
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