Ticket Price Increase and Dream Key Sells out!

by Brittany Perez on October 25th

    We all knew this day was coming but unsure of when it was going to happen. Disneyland hasn’t increased their ticket prices since February 2020. Normally the beginning of the year is when ticket prices increase. When they reopened the park this year we expected to see an increase in ticket prices only to find they kept the old structure, until today.

    Dream Key: A few new changes today as we see the Dream Key has sold out. This is the most expensive Key available. This is the first time Disneyland has sold out of an annual pass. Other Keys are still available at this time, but now that we know they CAN sell out, they may sell out soon. 

 Ticket Prices/Tiers: Ticket prices have increased for one day tickets and they have introduced a new tier, Tier 6. Tier 1 tickets are still the same price but all the other tiers have increased. 

Tier 1 tickets are the lowest priced tickets available and have limited availability days. Pricing is dependent on the demand for a particular day. Multiple day tickets however, do not have tiers and their pricing does not change depending on the days you choose. You still need a reservation to go to the park.

Tier 1 is still $104 

Tier 2 is now $119 (from $114)

Tier 3 is now $134 (from $124)

Tier 4 is now $149 (from $139)

Tier 5 is now $159 (from $154)

New Tier 6 is $164

Park hopper highest price is now $224

    Parking: Disneyland parking has also increased from $25 to $30.

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