Reservation system: Yay or Nay?

by Brittany Perez on October 12th

It’s been a few months since the Magic Key has arrived and we’re having mixed feelings about it.

As far as I’m concerned, the price hasn’t changed much from the last pass that was available and I don’t mind it at all. I was really afraid it was going to be a huge price increase. This goes for general admission ticket prices as well. They’ve even included discounted pricing for the Believe Key. Before, you were only able to get parking included with the Signature and Signature+ passes.

There’s also no Fastpass or MaxPass right now. With Genie+ coming soon there hasn’t been any suggestion that they will allow us to add it to our keys. I always added MaxPass onto our passes in the past. We liked being able to get Fastpasses from our phones and the unlimited PhotoPass as well. 

General admission have up to 120 days to make their reservations, while Magic Key only has 90. Each Magic Key has a different access calendar. Many Key holders have found that their reservations have filled up very quickly. While others have not had as many issues going the days they want. 

We have all known that weekends are busy so it’s no surprise that they are usually filled up pretty quickly. For many previous pass holders we’ve definitely enjoyed being able to go whenever we wanted. I always like being able to decide last minute whether or not we were going to go that weekend or during the week. With the new system it’s risky to have that mindset. If the day you want to go is full then you have to keep checking for cancellations even up until the night before because you have until midnight the night before to cancel in order to not be considered a no show. 

For people who like to stay nearby in hotels and book ahead, they may find that they will need to hold off on their room reservations until they’ve been able to get a park reservation. This also proves to be tricky since general admission ticket holders have a whole 30 days on Key holders when it comes to planning their trip.

I understand that we are in different times and the reservation system is in place to keep crowds more manageable. I just hope that it isn’t a long term system and will be removed eventually. However, Disney is a business and their goal is to make money. Previous passholders have been associated with spending less at the parks than general ticket holders. I don’t think all of us spent less, I ended up spending more with my pass because I had more free funds since I wasn’t paying the ticket price that day. But with the amount of money they have lost during the closure they may be using this as a way to recoup funds.

Everything at this point is speculation and we will just have to wait and see what Disney decides to do with the Key program. There is a survey that’s been sent out regarding the program so perhaps they are listening to our cries. We also noticed when people and news outlets were covering the unhappy key holders inability to get reservations in October more reservations magically were released. 

So perhaps they are paying attention. Time will tell!

Reminder: Masks must be worn indoors only and for ages 2 and up. You do not need a negative Covid test or Vaccination proof at this time.

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