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The long awaited Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will be here in early 2023. Although Walt Disney World has already premiered the ride we here at the Disneyland Resort will need to wait a little longer.

Along with a new ride, Mickey’s Toontown will be re-imaged with more opportunities for children to play together and redesigned with today’s children in mind. There will be areas to play as well as grassy areas.

Disney Parks Blog

One of the new areas coming to Mickey’s Toontown will be CenTOONial Park, the first space guests will see when they enter. This natural space will be anchored by two interactive play experiences.

At the center of CenTOONial Park will be a fountain, designed for play, which will also become a center icon for Mickey’s Toontown. As its base, water tables will invite guests to play with the water and have a sensory experience. At night, the fountain will be brought to life in a unique spectacle.

A nearby dreaming tree will be inspired by the tree a young Walt Disney would daydream under in his hometown. Sculpted tree roots will provide an opportunity for children to play, crawl and explore, and undulating topography will offer rolling hills and a place to sit and dream.

Disney Parks Blog
Disney Parks Blog

You still have plenty of time to visit Toontown before it is closed! The closure will begin in March of 2022.

Hopefully we’re all able to get reservations so we’re able to visit before the closure.

What are you going to miss about Toontown? What are you excited to see?

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