"Magic Keypers has partnered with Elevate Films to bring you an incredible way to re-live and always remember your Disneyland adventure."

Turn up your sound and Press Play 

Always Remember Your Trip To Disneyland!

Elevate Films is proud to offer our exclusive Magic Films process where we will create an incredible cinematic video of your adventures!

Imagine being able to capture the joy of the moment in stunning 4K video without the hassles of trying to do it yourself.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS - Extra Minute ($400 Value)

As a member of Disneyland Annual Passholders Facebook group with your purchase you get an Exclusive Bonus of one additional minute at no extra charge ($400 Value). This brings your video to a full 3 minutes of captured memories. You must use the Promo Code: Magic Keypers

Be Present while the moments are captured

There are so many cute little moments that are missed. Rather than feel like you have to constantly have your phone or camera out, you can enjoy the moments LIVE knowing it’s being filmed.

4K Video stills can be printed or framed

All the films are shot in 4K, so amazing high quality stills from the video can be printed too.

Finally, the entire family is included

It feels like every family has the designated shutterbug, and they’re rarely in the photos or video! But now, everyone will be seen and captured.

Incredibly high quality 4K video stills...

Magic Films Still

Example 4K Still

 Still 01 

Magic Films Still Image

Example 4K STill

Still 02 

Magic Films 4K Still Shot

Example 4K Still

 Still 03 

A word from the creator of Magic Films...

Hello fellow Disneyland fans!

I'm Larry, the creator of the brand-new Magic Films, a 2-minute video recap of your adventures at Disneyland!
These are truly unique films that capture the magic of Disney with your family through video.
Now, no one is left out of the memories, and everyone can enjoy each moment knowing it's being captured!
I can film on most rides, buying treats, and character meet and greets!

With over 10 years as a videographer capturing moments for couples and businesses, I wanted to put those skills to work capturing your Disney moments with your family.

When the parks reopened, I made a film with my daughter, Lily, that not only captured the moments, but it was some of the most fun I've had in years.
As I showed it to people they started asking if I could make one for them.
That's when I decided to offer Magic Films to other families to help them capture the magic of Disneyland with their family forever!

I am thrilled to announce an exclusive arrangement with Magic Keypers for members of their Disneyland Annual Passholders Facebook group. I am going to extend your 2-minute video to a full 3 minutes. I normally charge $400 for this add-on, but it's yours free.

Now, because I only have so much time available to do this, I must limit it to the first five (5) group members who sign up. That means if you are one of the next five to sign up you get the extra minute for free.

To watch full Magic Films and for additional information click below.

Remember there are only 5 spots available for this exclusive offer so grab your spot now while they are still available. Click the "Yes! I'm Interested!" button below to be taken to the Magic Films page. Once there fill out the short information form and remember to use the Promo Code: Magic Keypers to receive an extra minute (a $400 value) at no charge...

Magic Films Still Shot

How It Works

How It Works...

Helping you capture your Disneyland adventure is truly a labor of love for me. Here's how it works. After you fill out the information form on my site, I will reach out to answer any questions you may have. Then we will coordinate a date and time where we will meet in the park and start filming, reservations pending. Usually I spend 4 hours with you in the park in the morning so we can capture all the moments needed to create your Magic Film. Then I roll up my sleeves and edit all that content down to the perfect 2 minutes (in this case 3 minutes) of magic!

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