It’s Time For A Solo Trip

Wanna go solo? Here are some tips!

by Brittany Perez on October 8th

Going alone can seem scary, but it’s a really great experience!

Grab an “I’m Celebrating” button and write “Solo trip!” 

The great thing about going solo is you can go at your own pace. You can relax when you want or go go go! 

My favorite part about going alone (and this comes from always having my son with me so it’s pretty silly) is not having to bring my big backpack full of stuff. Since it’s just me I bring water, my wallet, my phone and a portable charger. 

Single rider lines are a great way to go on the more popular rides.  

In order to see which rides offer Single Rider:

> Open the app

 > Click the location symbol at the bottom next to the home button

> The map defaults to show “Attractions”. 

> Click “Filter” in the top left corner.

> Scroll down to “Interests” (you may need to click “More Options” to be able to select “Single Rider Line”)

> Click “Apply”

> All the rides that offer Single Rider will appear on the map. If you’d like you can click “Show List” on the top right corner.

Maybe you’re not in the mood to ride on anything? You can always people watch, see the performances, or try some delicious food. 

To check what bands are performing or what shows are happening you can use the Disney app.

> Open the app

 > Click the location symbol at the bottom next to the home button

> The map defaults to show “Attractions”. Click the arrow to open the drop down menu and select “Entertainment.”

> All the spots will show up in the map. To see everything in a list click “Show List” in the top right corner.

>This will give you all the show times. 

Being alone gives you a great opportunity to squeeze into spots that you might not be able to do with others.

Some people use this time to do nice/fun things for others in the park. Maybe you have a bunch of small toys you want to giveaway? Hide them around the park for people to find! If you want to engage people online who are also in the park, post it! 

Maybe you are able to “work from home” or have some school work you need to finish but would like to head to the park after? Here’s an idea, bring your laptop or iPad! There are plenty of areas where you could sit down and work on things while you’re at the park. Since the Wifi at Disneyland isn’t always strong, we suggest using your phone as a hotspot. If you don’t want to carry your laptop around, the lockers are a great place to store it while you’re at the park.

You can also meet new people and make new friends! There are plenty of people going solo at any given moment at the parks. Maybe you make a friend to meet up with in the future, or sit and have lunch with if you’re still not comfortable eating alone.

Regardless of what you decide to do, the point of a solo trip is that YOU get to choose. This day is all about you and what you want to do. Make it the best day and I’m sure you’ll be ready for more solo trips in the future! 

 Reminder: Masks must be worn indoors only and for ages 2 and up. You do not need a negative Covid test or Vaccination proof at this time.

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