by Rosanna Sariñana and Brittany Perez on October 8th

I have seen many ask questions regarding the DAS system, or even just tips on making sure their special needs family member has a good time at Disneyland. While I don’t have a special needs child I have a close friend who does and is a frequent at the parks so I decided to ask her for some advice that I could share. This is what she shared with me.

Depending on your needs you’ll know what things to pack for their day. It’s always helpful to pack 3 days before to make sure you have everything you need. I always pack some of his favorite toys and his iPad to help him not feel overstimulated. Wet wipes are a must, noise cancelling headphones help with loud shows and rides. I always check the Disneyland calendar to see if there are any special events that may lead to larger crowds. This helps avoid more situations with sensory overload.

When trams do eventually reopen there is a Mickey van for wheelchairs if you don’t want to use the tram.

Disability Access Service (DAS)

Disney Genie (Coming Soon)

You will be allowed to register for DAS days ahead of your trip. You will have a video chat with a CM where you will discuss what your child’s needs are and what will work to make your trip a little easier. Once you’re approved for a DAS you can book 2 experiences for the day of your visit. When the day comes you will no longer need to go to guest relations, you will be able to receive return times through the app. 

Red Tag

If your child is using their stroller as a wheelchair you can get a red tag at City Hall in Disneyland or Chamber of Commerce in DCA. You will need to talk with a CM so they are able to determine if your child needs a stroller for a wheelchair. The tag will be placed on the handle of your stroller with the dates it’s valid. The tag allows you to take your stroller into lines, shows and wheelchair accessible lines. 

To find which rides have certain types of accessibility (whether it be mobility or hearing and visual) you can use the Disneyland App.

> Open app

> Select Location Icon

> Click “Filters” at the top left screen

> Scroll down and select which accessibility you’re looking for

> Click “Show list” at the top right to see all

I’ve taken some screen shots to help: 

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