A Day at the Park With Your Little Ones

by Brittany Perez on October 7th

We thought it would be a good idea to put some tips together for those who are bringing their little ones to the park. 

Stroller: Bring an easy to fold up stroller. This is especially helpful if you are going alone with your kid(s). If you’re parking in the Toy Story parking lot (at this time Mickey and Friends Tram is non-operational) you’ll need to be able to fold your stroller up to enter the bus. When my son was much younger (infant-toddler) I brought a regular stroller that had a twist button on the handle so I was able to fold it up with one hand while holding my son. As he grew older, but still wasn’t big enough to handle walking all day I brought an umbrella stroller. The regular strollers are great because they’re able to take naps comfortably and you can carry their diaper bag in there as well. Once he got older and needed less things to get him through the day I started bringing a backpack. Stroller fans are also a great addition to bring. There are stroller size limits so please check the Disneyland website to be sure you bring the correct size.

Bringing a baby carrier is also a great way to stand in lines without tiring your arms out as much. (Babies must face forward on the rides)

Food: Always bring snacks! I would pack my son his food since he was so little he couldn’t always eat what was at the parks, but I always pack snacks for when we are in line waiting for rides or any type of line that he may get antsy. Water is very important (especially if you’re nursing!) Bring reusable water bottles so you can fill them up.

If you’re staying in a nearby hotel you can take them back to get rest and rest for yourself!

I would pack pajamas for later in the evening and the ride home. Always bring extra clothes in case of emergency or change in weather.

Baby Center: Great place for diaper changes, feeding or to cool off. The Baby Center has soap for washing and a microwave in case you need it. Diapers, pacifiers and wipes plus more are available for purchase as well.

Disneyland Location: Next to the Main Street Photo Supply Co. 

California Adventure: Next to Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop

Make sure to pack a changing mat for when you need to change diapers. Men’s restrooms also have diaper changing tables available. 

Always bring extra diapers, wipes, pacifiers, etc. The number of times he’s tossed his pacifiers when we were out, I always packed a few. You never know what kind of day it’ll be so I always like to be prepared. (Of course if you forget Disney has your back!) A plastic bag for anything dirty you might need to wash/disinfect later is also a good idea.

Rides: Parent Swap is available on most rides! Use it! To see what rides your child/baby is able to ride there are height requirements on the Disneyland website/app. Most of the rides in Fantasyland are perfect for small children!

Lines: As he grows older, aside from packing snacks to keep him occupied in lines I bring something for him to play with or watch. 

Keepsakes: (optional) If you choose, you can always find a specific item to purchase to commemorate each visit (or one special visit each year since it’s more likely as a key holder you will be going multiple times a year). 

Have Fun! Take lots of pictures! This is a special time with your child. I enjoy every visit with my son ever sinceI first started taking him when he was a baby. We both have special memories and even some funny moments to look back on. (Like having to go potty right as we got to the front of the line at Pirates!) You will always cherish these memories.

Reminder: Masks must be worn indoors only and for ages 2 and up. You do not need a negative Covid test or Vaccination proof at this time.

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